Impregnating agent based on: - natural vegetable oils

The basis on natural vegetable oils.

Excellent impregnation for indoor furniture.

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AREAS OF APPLICATION - Suitable for surface protection of wood species where the use of natural materials - vegetable oils is desired. - Suitable for surface protection of wood species that come into contact with food. - Not suitable for very porous wood species (spruce, poplar). - Used as an independent impregnation of interior furniture. - Not recommended for the protection of interior furniture, interior doors and other elements requiring mechanical resistance and more frequent cleaning. - We recommend pre-testing the application and compatibility of the material with the treated wood type. PREPARATION OF THE SURFACE PREPARATION OF THE SURFACE - We apply to wooden surfaces, which must be previously well-milled and free of dust or other impurities. INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICATION OF THE INSTRUMENT FOR APPLICATION - Apply impregnation to the surface in excess and spread evenly over the entire surface so that the wood is well impregnated. - When dipping, put the workpiece fully into the oil and place it after a certain time of impregnation, so that the oil drains. - After a certain amount of time, remove the amount of impregnation completely with a cloth and evenly smooth the surface with a clean dry cloth. - After drying, spread the surface evenly with a clean, dry cloth with circular movements. - For a more filled surface and a higher gloss and quality, we recommend one additional application.


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